IntimateMuse.Com | About
IntimateMuse.Com is the photography of Michael Snively.
I made that choice for a name as it fits the poet within me who is always
trying to express himself.

I am a photographer, located in Colorado enjoying all that life has to
offer. That includes the challenges of surviving in today's economic
environment as well as the changes within the business of photography.
On the other side of the coin, I live in a very beautiful region, that has
many different facets and expressions.

I have worked with every format of camera from a tiny pinhole camera,
up to and including a Polaroid 20 x 24. Though these days I am primarily
working in 4 x 5 B+W and a digital SLR. All my output is digital these days.
Though this summer I will start working with the Platinum process and
the digital negative.